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Amy Wylie
Assistant Vice President, Health Services

Since joining Community First as the Director of Colonial at Home in 2015, Amy has held a variety of leadership roles in diverse service lines.  In her role as Assistant Vice President of Health Services, Amy brings additional on-site administrative leadership to support our Westover campus but also provides the entire Health Services leadership team support to focus on quality and resident satisfaction across campuses.   Amy is located on the Westover campus and she also oversees the Community Based services that support our residential campuses including Resident Lifestyle, Colonial School, Partners in Prime, Meals on Wheels  and the FLEET. 

Say "hello" to Amy Wylie, Assistant Vice President of Health Services for Community First Solutions. Read Amy's career story and discover other fun facts about her and what has shaped her style of leadership through her personal life and professional career. 

How long have you been with Community First Solutions?
"7.5 Years." 

Can you describe your role in two sentences?  

"Supporting teams, in a wide range of community-based service lines, to provide quality health and human services. I’m also a nursing home administrator in training."

What was your dream job in 6th grade?  


Do you have a female role model? Who and why?

"Like most of us, it was my mom for her dedication to balancing family and a career,

and being kind and giving while doing it. I also admired my paternal grandmother for

overcoming extreme poverty and hardship to make it in a traditionally man’s world,

while raising six children. The work ethic and sense of family of both women shaped

who I am." 

What three words would you use to describe your leadership style?

"Servant, empowering, action-oriented."

You just got home from a day of work, what do you do to decompress? 

"Decorative planning, my bulldog, baking, and sports, especially football."  

What passions do you have outside of your career that your colleagues would be surprised to know?

"I’m a true crime nut, especially podcasts."

Men have their power suits, but what is that “power outfit” or accessory that you

feel the most confident in when faced with a big meeting, presentation, or

high stakes situation?

"It’s all about the accessories – a nice dress always looks better with the unique jewelry and a good handbag." 

How do you overcome days of self-doubt in your positions? 

"I heard a saying once – “I’ve survived 100% of my worst days, so I will survive this one too.” Give yourself a minute to be down or reflect and then move on, because that’s all any of us can do."

It’s Saturday at 6pm during the summer, where might we find you?
"Having a cold drink somewhere, even at home, with the people I care about." 

What one book/blog/article would you recommend to the upcoming women in leadership?    
"Good to Great by Collins influenced me early on, and Brene Brown definitely influences me now – her books, talks, and podcasts" 

How does the culture at Community First Solutions foster/help females enter

leadership positions, and continue to build their leadership skills?

"We have a long history of promoting from within, and investing in our leaders through continuing education opportunities from conferences to scholarship funds. Madeleine Albright said it best – “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” 

What is your Why? 

"Helping teams to grow and be empowered to do great work on behalf of their clients/residents/patients.  I love being part of a team with a foundation of trust, work ethic, a focus on quality and doing the right thing, and HUMOR.  Every day is an opportunity to help someone."

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn:

Amy's pet Bulldog, Willow
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