Individuals who work in the healthcare industry are truly special. You care deeply and are motivated by helping others. Our culinary teams at Berkeley Square, Westover and Jamestowne make a special impact on the lives of patients and residents every day.

Our leadership team knows first-hand how to support staff at every stage of their career. Our culture embraces innovation, supports professional development and fosters collaboration and connectivity between teams. We take our jobs very seriously, but we also know that it’s important to laugh and have fun at work.


We currently have Full Time, Part Time, and PRN culinary opportunities available

with flexible schedules and guaranteed hours at our Berkeley Square, Westover and Jamestowne campuses: 

Berkeley Square
100 Berkeley Drive, Hamilton, OH
1371 Main Street, Hamilton, OH
855 Stahlheber Road, Hamilton, OH

"It's an honor to be able to serve the people who played such a huge role in building our community - making it a place where I am excited to raise my children. They are so much fun and they have the BEST stories and share the BEST advice. I've learned a hundred life lessons working here."

- Crystal Yauger, Berkeley Square

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Benefits & Perks

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Full List of Benefits: 

* Benefits vary based on position and/or employment status.