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Dick Bower
Executive Vice President of Construction & Facilities

Say "hello" to Dick Bower, the Executive VP of Construction and Facilities at Community First Solutions. Dick has been with Community First for over 29 years and when he isn't leading construction initiatives on Community First's campuses, you can find him grilling or playing a game of corn hole. Read more about Dick, and find out what his dream job was in 5th grade!

How long have you been with CFS?

"29 years."

What was your first job?

"I grew up on a family farm where I was given daily and weekly chores at an early age and was rewarded on Saturday mornings with an allowance for a job well done."

Do you have a role model that you look up to? Who?

"Yes, there have been many people throughout my career with whom I could mention.  The one person who helped to develop me into a leader and taught me lifelong values was my father."

What three words would you use to describe your leadership style?

"Quality-driven, Respectful, and Straight-forward."

Do you have a favorite leadership quote?

"There are two quotes that have been useful to me in leadership. “Be the person you want to work with” and “Believe you can and you are halfway there”."

It’s Saturday at 6pm during the summer, where might we find you?

"I would most likely be on my deck grilling out and listening to music with family and friends."

What passions do you have outside of your career that your colleagues would be surprised to know?

"I like working on Classic Cars and Trucks, I also enjoy competing in Billiards and Corn Hole."

What job did you want when you were in 5th grade?

"As a boy, I wanted to either be a Policeman or a Pro Athlete."

What brought you to work in the Healthcare/Community Based Services sector?

"I  had been in the construction business for most of my career and was given a rare opportunity to come to work for CFS.  I was asked to begin ground-up construction on brand new Healthcare Facilities.  The decision to become involved with this project was one of the most rewarding decisions of my career."

What book is on your nightstand right now? Or what podcast are you listening to currently?

"Classic Cars by Martin Buckley."

What is your why?

"My “Why” is to provide a quality built product and helps independent seniors sustain their lifestyle for an increased amount of time."

What is a piece of advice you wish you had been told in your early years of your professional career?

"How your actions can speak louder than words and a few words of encouragement can improve a tough situation."

How do you decompress after a stressful day?

"To unwind I like to take a country drive with my wife and listen to our favorite music or just spend the evening working around the yard."

Connect with Dick on LinkedIn:

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Dick oversees construction initiatives from start to finish and manages all ongoing maintenance initiatives for Community First. Dick has managed over $80 million in project infrastructure and has remarkably completed all projects on time and within budget. 

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