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Emily Farkas
Director of Nursing, Berkeley Square Retirement Community

With 15 years of healthcare experience, Emily joined the Community First Team in 2019.  Over the course of her time at CFS she has worked as an LPN staff nurse and RN manager at all three campuses. She is now the Director of Nursing at Berkeley Square. Emily is passionate about teamwork and being able to support the needs of the staff to ensure the best quality resident care is provided.

Say "hello" to Emily, Director of Nursing at the Berkeley Square Retirement Community. Emily admires being able to work with her team and has many seasoned nurses who have worked at Berkeley Square for a long time. Read more about Emily, and learn about one of her funniest times at work!

What is one thing you make sure you accomplish during each day at work? 

"Touching base with my team and making sure their day is going well, they have everything they need to have a good shift and asking if there is anything I can do to help them out. Engaging the team every day is important to me."

What is your favorite thing about the team you work with? 

"I love that I have several staff on my team at Berkeley that have been here for many years. It shows that they love what they do and their loyalty to our residents and team. It’s so cool being able to hear the stories of the culture and history at Berkeley."

What about your job/team motivates you to come to work every day? 

"Being able to make an impact in our residents’ lives is the biggest motivation to me. A lot of our long-term care residents view our staff as family and likewise. It’s so rewarding."

Can you share a funny story that has happened while working? 

"While working as a night shift manager, I was leading team huddle to my team when I got some giggles in the room. I asked what was up and one of the staff says, have you looked at your shoes? I looked down and I had come to work with two completely different sneakers on, one pink and one grey. It took me a while to live that one down!"

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