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Jen Chitwood
Director of Nursing, Westover Retirement Community

Jen has spent her nursing career employed at Community First Solutions since December of 2008. Jen has served as an LPN Staff Nurse, Nurse Manager, and Lead MDS Coordinator. Her experience in all of these roles equips her with outstanding insight to fulfill her role as Director of Nursing at Westover. Jen is a natural-born leader, a strong staff mentor, and a true supporter of teamwork. Jen is dedicated to the Community First mission and takes pride in serving others.

Say "hello" to Jen Chitwood, Director of Nursing at the Westover Retirement Community. Jen has worked her way up through many nursing positions at Community First Solutions and has the insight and know-how to lead and support her team.  Read more about her, and discover how she stays focused on her team's needs

What is one thing you make sure you accomplish during each day at work? 

"Take a round on each unit to check on staff and provide support wherever needed."

How do you work to foster a fun and light working environment with your team? 

"Participate in themed days and get to know one another on a personal level."

When your team is faced with a tough day, what is one thing you find helps lift their spirits? 

"Teamwork. We all come together to provide excellent care and support one another.  Also, music-- we can sing along and get through some tasks and it just lightens the mood. I also keep Lindor truffles in my desk drawer and when anyone is having a hard time we take a little chocolate break to re-set before we go back out on the floor."

What is your favorite thing about the team you work with? 

"Watching team members grow and excel in their careers, seeing them make and meet goals for themselves, and watching their relationships with the residents- it’s fun seeing everyone’s unique personality hit it off with the different residents."

Share about a time you or your team members made a difference during a day at work. 

"Every day, but something that happened recently was a few staff members came together and put in some money for a resident to get her beautiful hair done so that she would feel extra special at the monthly buffet. Our night shift crew loves to treat residents to their favorite takeout food- LOTS of Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers!"

What about your job/team motivates you to come to work every day? 

"Our work takes a village. Not only do I come to work to provide excellent care, but I come to work to be an active part of the team and make sure they have all the things they need to be able to focus on thriving in their roles. Teamwork makes the dream work and I love the opportunity to get in with the team and make it happen."

Video: Meet Jen

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