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Miranda Sitchanoff
Assistant Vice President, Health Services

Miranda has worked in the long-term care industry since 2002. In her role, Miranda serves as the administrator at Berkeley Square and also oversees and assists in day-to-day operations at Jamestowne and Westover. As an administrator, Miranda is passionate about overcoming challenges and working to help staff members succeed. In her spare time, Miranda enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children.

Say "hello" to Miranda Sitchanoff, Assistant Vice President of Health Services at Community First Solutions. Read Miranda's career story and discover more about her leading style and what is her "why" for working in Health Services. 

How long have you been with Community First Solutions?
"6 years." 

What was your first job at Community First Solutions?

"Assistant Vice President of Health Services – I’ve been a licensed nursing home administrator since 2003- all I’ve ever done, right out of college."

What was your first job?

"Leather limited store at the mall- sold leather coats."

What three words would you use to describe your leadership style?

"Resilient, outcome-driven, sensible."

You just got home from a day of work, what do you do to decompress? 

"Candy crush is my guilty pleasure."  

What passions do you have outside of your career that your colleagues would be surprised to know?

"I’ve seen Eminem in concert 4 times. I also love supporting my strong-willed 6-year-old with her passion for competitive gymnastics."

Men have their power suits, but what is that “power outfit” or accessory that you

feel the most confident in when faced with a big meeting, presentation, or

high stakes situation?

"Make sure there is nothing in my teeth. Ha! But in all seriousness, approachability is top of mind with most all that I do and wear." 

It’s Saturday at 6pm during the summer, where might we find you?
"Outdoors with my family- swimming, dirtbikes, bonfires." 

Do you have a favorite leadership quote?
"We have huge responsibilities taking care of people. Take your job seriously, but not yourself. Have a sense of humor and laugh. Bring your own sunshine!" 

What book is on your nightstand/what podcast are currently listening to? 

"With an 8-year-old and 6-year-old and not much time for leisure reading, I have been inching my way through “Where the Crawdads Sing”." 

What is your Why? 

"Seeing team members make a conscious choice to do better each day and do what’s best for each resident and each other.  It’s a gift & responsibility that I am able to be an influential part of others’ lives.  In an operations leadership role, I can only succeed through others."

Connect with Miranda on LinkedIn: 

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